Thursday, December 22, 2011

What IS short hair exactly?

A helpful, yet dangerous weapon I haven't posted in a month O_o. FINALS DID IT! I would have posted this today, however I was doing all the errands I wanted to do for the past month. I hope you understand!

So, my birthday passed earlier this month and I did the one thing that I really wanted to do on my birthday-straighten my natural hair. All Saturday afternoon, I did everything in my power to safely heat style all this hair I have

After it was all said and done,  I was happy about the length, but I absolutely HATED how my ends looked. To me, they looked so ratty and chewed up and it wasn't healthy. After much analysis and celebrating a new year, I decided that i can cut it off. I sort of talked myself through the process that I had reached my ultimate hair goal of armpit length hair and that hair is indeed hair, it will grow back and as long as I kept to my regimen, it will look better than it did before. So Sunday night, I did the brave girl thing and cut about 2 or so inches off.

Now fast forward to Tuesday afternoon. I washed it so that my curls could come back. No heat damage was apparent, but what did hit me was that my hair felt so...short! I went into a rant on twitter and had the following conversation with a friend of mine. It went a little something like this:

Me: this haircut I gave myself <<<
Friend: Oh no! haha
Me: I'm in that stage of panic ahhhhh!
Friend: whatd you do!?
Me: being my birthday weekend and all, I was like "hmm, lets change things up a bit", cut a few inches off and…I MISS MY HAIR...
Friend: we'll fix this. got a pic?
Me: *sends pictures*
Friend: that's not that short...
Me: okay for me its short (i haven't had truly short hair since the 9th grade) but I got so used to it and now its gone...

So these are the before and after pictures that I sent her
After (idk WHAT face I was making here haha!)

I'm just hoping that this "OMG MY HAIR IS SHORT!!!1!!11" phase is just that, a phase. Or an overreaction. Either way, it's only hair, it'll grow back...soon.

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