Thursday, October 6, 2011

I don't like this conditioner what?

So after a few uses, I decided that I'm not a fan of the Queen Helene conditioner that I talked about many moons ago. For me, it didn't give me the slip that I really wanted and I kind of fell out of love with the smell of the conditioner. Oh well, that happens.

Usually, it would be another product for the product junk basket. As it would sit there and collect dust, many may look at what at one time held so much hope and promise and be a bit sad. Well don't be sad anymore, here are some things you can do with that abandoned conditioner!

1) Shaving lotion
Don't feel like buying a can of shaving lotion? Ran out? Well, if you look around for that ol' bottle of conditioner that is out of favor, use that to soften the hairs on your legs before shaving. Nicks and cuts on your legs isn't NOT a good look!

2) Make-up brush conditioner
If I'm out of brush cleanser, I always have baby shampoo on reserve which doesn't condition my brushes. So drop a tiny bit of conditioner, make sure it gets through your brushes, rinse. Conditioned!

Imagine this scenario-after that good shower, you've gone through your bathroom cabinets and realized that you have ran out of lotion. This could work!

4) Donate it to your local homeless/women's shelter
Your local shelter is always looking for personal care items. As long as its lightly used! No need to give someone a bottle of conditioner with a quarter bottle of product left.

Okay, I can't think of anymore uses. Do you have any ideas?
Do you have any other uses for out-of-favor conditioner? Please do tell!

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