Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Modcloth shoppping: It's time to step out of the comfort zone

Last month when I did a post about interesting finds, it was more about trinkets and shoes that I found on Etsy because I was curious about what was for sale. I had heard about it, but I never seriously browsed the site, so I took it as a personal challenge to find items that I liked because they so different from what I've seen everyday at the Targets and Kohls' of this world.

So this month, I'm going to take a similar challenge, but on Modcloth. If you haven't heard of Modcloth, it's described as an indie/vintage online clothing store. This will NOT be a wishlist, this is a challenge. I would love for you to join in to this challenge :-D

Now, here's why this is a challenge for me-Indie/vintage is so new to me. When I think "indie", my mind automatically goes to Urban outfitters and American Apparel [some may argue that this is not "indie", but "hipster". oh semantics, same thing in my mind] and I would describe my up-and-coming style as very casual and I love things that are versatile and could change for any occasion, so wading into this different kind of style was very...interesting

Come check out what I found! I would love to know what you think and partake if you are so inclined ;-)
So I'm playing this with Tim Gunn's "Ten Elements That Every Woman Should Have" [ooooh Project Runway is coming on tonight!] in mind. One day, I plan on graduating and being taken seriously, so this would be a good place to start for those who have no idea where to start.

1) Basic Black Dress
I want this RIGHT.NOW. Flatters the waist, could look cute with a cardigan. What more can I say?

2) Trenchcoat

A candy apple red jacket. It would look lovely for fall. This has potential. As someone who is short, the only thing that would worry me is that the coat is too long and will therefore make me look shorter than I already am.

3) Dress pants
As for ModCloth pants, many were flared or jeans. So I looked for a pair of pants that could be dressed up for work but at the same time, put a cute top with it, it can become versatile! I liked these pants because it elongates the legs-great for people like me who don't have the longest legs in the world [they're not stubby, they're just...not long]. Now these with some heels!?  I likes!

4) Classic Shirt

The classic shirt was the hardest thing to find because a lot of the shirts have their own twist to the design. I decided to go with another versatile shirt. I liked this shirt because the detail was more subtle than the other choices I could have gone with. I tried, I really did lol

5) Jeans

Now, I know I have enough jeans for a lifetime, so I decided to look for something different than what I already have in my closet. I picked these because they're my favorite cut [skinny ftw!] and they're red. Red skinny jeans aren't all that common so, I picked them:-D

6) Any Occasion Top

"Any Occasion" left this option to be more open ended than I anticipated it being. I liked this top because it's perfect for a lunch meet-up, going out at night [with accessories of course] and it could be paired with a skirt for work. This top also lets you accessorize as you please. 


Since color blocking is so big this autumn, I liked that this skirt continued with the trend of putting bold colors together and it has pockets. Pockets on dresses are amazing too.

8) Day dress
This dress is simple, structured and has its own detail to not make it boring. It also allows for accessorizing and color blocking with shoes. Imagine-this dress with purple or yellow shoes...

9) Jacket
This jacket has has a modern/urban feel to it. It's not a jacket that will protect you from the elements, but a pretty cool fall jacket. 

10) Sweatsuit Alternative
I defined a sweatsuit alternative as an outfit that is structured, yet casual and you could throw on at any time. If you want to go for a quick trip to the grocery store, you could just put this on, get some flip flops on and you're out the door!

and Finally...a bonus splurge item
My splurge item is a cute party dress that is meant for Friday/Saturday night. I love sapphire [along with emerald and dark purple...I love cool colors] 

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