Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shopping for jeans without feeling defeated #1

I don't have time for all of this! 
Jeans shopping is a miserable, mundane, demoralizing process that could eat up your entire day if you're not careful (I wish I were exaggerating!). First, I would find a pair of jeans, and look at the size. If it's the size I wanted, cool, I would head straight for the fitting room. The fitting room is where all the over-analyzing starts: you suddenly start thinking to yourself that you're either:

  • Too small
  • Too tall
  • Your legs are too long
  • You're legs are too short
  • You're too thin
  • You're too big 
  • This is not a body criticism, this just proves how much longer you can go on.
So, what if size didn't matter? Yes, I know, saying "size doesn't matter" doesn't help our body issues. That saying is so tired that I can't stand to hear it-in fact I'm mad at myself for even typing that phrase. However, there are some women that unconsciously tie self-esteem to a number on a tag on a piece of clothing. Doing this means that your self-esteem may change even when you're comparing two pairs of jeans from the same company.

So how to get rid of this frustration? Yesterday, I had an epiphany. In 20 minutes of jean shopping, I made up four five three several important points to remember when you are jeans shopping so that you won't waste your energy trying on jeans that frankly, you wouldn't want to try on in the first place!  Once again, I have too much to say, so I have to break up the posts...again. I need to discover the art of brevity -.-
My newly made rule for jeans shopping #1: Knowing your colors.

Ladies very well know that jeans come in all sorts of colors (including but not limited to black, denim, dark blue, indigo, white) and they also come in all sorts of different washes like dark wash, stone wash, acid wash (at least I think this still exists). Knowing what color of jeans you want helps to quickly eliminate by glance what jeans you want to try on.

To put a visual on what I'm rambling on about, here's a new pair of jeans that I just bought.

New jeans! They make me happy :-D
As you can tell, these jeans are pretty dark except for the area around where my lap would be. Now, as for a close-up:
Indigo throughout except for the lap area

I love dark jeans because they don't age as fast as their lighter colored counterparts and because of that, I can keep a pair around longer. My mission was to find a pair of dark jeans, so I skipped over any pair that were light or overly-distressed. That saved me 15 minutes of my life which I later used to find shoes :-D

So that's rule #1. Rule #2 comes tomorrow. You might want to come back ;-)

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