Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Hi. I owe anyone who reads this an explanation.

Summer school has kicked my butt mercilessly. Four days a week from 8 AM to about 4 PM, I've always been somewhere. After that, I've been studying nonstop for this class. I'll be done by Friday thankfully which means I'm going to officially be a senior in college. Oh wow, I'm scared.

Then there was a job interview that I had to go to. Hopefully, within the next 10 days, I'll know if I'm going to be employed or not. I'm sweating over this, not gonna lie because while I felt like I did well during this interview, there's always a chance that the interview won't amount to anything.

Anywho, that's my life August. I can't say that I'll post everyday, but I promise I won't just go out like I did. Okay, back to studying for this practical now...stupid procrastination.

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