Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stop it, you're BLUSHing: Part I

So recently, I have really gotten into blushes after wondering whether or not they would work and if it was a necessary part of one's make up routine. I've talked the talk about wanting a blush color, but I never bit the bought one or even so much as experiment with a blush color. A few weeks ago, I received a blush from a sale and a swap-one from NARS and one from MAC. I thought about writing about both in one post, but it became too much, so I'll just break it down so that it wont a huge entry so you won't be deterred by the wall of words.

First, we are going to start off with MAC Fever

That nick was thanks to me being clumsy...whoops!
Now, don't let the photographing fool you, this blush is described as an "intense reddish-burgundy" by MAC and this has a matte finish and I feel that this could work across the skin color continuum and even more so for people with red or pink undertones. Read more for before and after shots of said blush

Without anything on my face
MAC Fever applied very lightly
This color reminds me a lot of Make Up Forever's HD blush in Innuendo except that Innuendo is a cream blush and it's color to me is a mix of burgundy and purple. For women of color who like a red blush, I believe that this is a great place to start as it was for me, but it could easily go bad if you put too much color on. Overall, I quite like this blush because as a matte blush, it works with your skin instead of to bring a nice pop of color to your face :-D

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