Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shopping for jeans without feeling defeated #2

So if you have just found this website, hello! This series is based off the frustrations that I vented off from this post about how jean shopping sucks. Well, one Monday afternoon while I was jean shopping,  I made up several rules to eliminate many of the hassles that come with shopping for jeans. Why waste hours trying on jeans that may not fit when you could better utilize that time doing other things?

So that's what these posts are about. If you haven't had the chance to read part 1, read it here. Or just read the post below this one :-D
Rule #2: Know your length

These days, jeans come in regular, short and long so that they can cater to women of all different sizes. General rule of thumb: if you're under 5'3, try the petites section or "short" pair. 5'5-5'8 should try a regular cut. Tall amazonian women (I envy you as you can tell) can try jeans that are "tall". Lengths are important because jeans that are too long will drag all over the floor and streets causing easier wear and tear and jeans are too short will only result in high waters that only looked good on The King of Pop.

If you have a problem finding jeans that will fit your height, always go longer because you can easily make jeans shorter. You can either take your jeans to a tailor or you can make it a DIY job. I've posted this in an earlier post, but YouTube has lots of videos that can visualize the process for you. If this doesn't help, don't worry, there are tons more on YouTube!

I made this a rule because frankly, I was tired of looking at pants that were too long. Often times I didn't want to take my jeans to a tailor, so I preferred a pair that was ready off the rack.

I hope this helps the next time you're out at a store trying on jeans. I have about...3 more "rules" to remember so I hope you come back for the rest! :-D

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