Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The worst part about shopping: Trying on jeans

If you've been looking at my closet overhaul posts (and if you haven't, come take a look, why don't you? :-D), you would see that I've bought a lot of dresses (and a shirt!) but no shorts or jeans. Yes, this was done on purpose because I absolutely dread looking for pants. Hate, dread and despise doesn't even cover how I feel about jean shopping!

As someone who is pretty short (5'2'') has a really small waist (about 24'') and prominent hips (about 39''), shopping for pants does nothing positive for my patience. Pants are too long, they gape too much, they don't fit around the name it, I've been there (and probably you have too!)

I've gotten around this problem by 1) being lucky enough to find curvy cut jeans and 2) Tailoring. Recently, I've been learning how to tailor my pants through YouTube. If you would like to learn how to tailor your jeans, here is a video that I found to help visualize the process.

 Yes, this requires a sewing machine. I don't have one myself, but I'm considering this to be an investment compared to how much I would pay a tailor. It's the small things....

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