Friday, June 3, 2011

Hair care trends

A popular product for skin, coat paws...and the scalp

My one gripe with hair comms and forums are how quickly they can bounce between "hair trends". I define hair trends as a new treatment that we try in order to find the solution to a majority of our hair care needs.

It seems like everyday, there's a new hair care trend that people like to try. When I first started taking better care of my hair, it was Mane-and-Tail. A few years later, it was Megatek (a.k.a a line of products that are meant for equine grooming). Now, it seems like everyone is rinsing their hair with tea (something that would be frowned upon in my house because my mom LOVES her tea and would rather not see it go on my head). My question is is it really worth trying out every new hair trend that comes out?

Now if it sounds like I'm demeaning anyone for using these products, that is not my intention, I just want to explore the topic because it's very intriguing.

I wonder if people that have tried these have actually sticked to them or if they're flash in the pan let me know!

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