Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Products on the wish list: June 2011


There's always a product on the wish list that you either want to try or buy. Whether its because its out of your price range, limited availability or you can't be bothered to go out of your way to get it-the wish list never goes away. Every month, I'm going to post a wishlist-the wishlist doesn't mean I'm going to buy the product, its just stuff that I want to check out when the month ends and if I like it enough, I'll buy it. So under the jump is a wish list for June 2011.

1) Make Up Forever Aqua Liner
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This is brand new to the market and from what I've already seen, this liner does not budge. I've seen people try to rub it off, wash it off under a faucet and yet this eyeliner stays on! I don't plan on buying this until I finish my other liquid eyeliner or someone is awesome enough to buy this as a gift lol!

2) Urban Decay Naked Pallete
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In the time that this has been released, I've only seen this product in real life once twice. That's because every other time I go to Sephora, it was sold out. If I ever get to try this out, I hope it's worth the hype. As for purchasing it, that's a HUGE maybe, I often need to think of how I'm going to use a make up product before I buy it.

3) Kinky Curly Knot Today

Kinky Curly is the only product on this list that I don't see myself buying anytime soon. I can find this with ease and it's not exactly new. The only reason why this is on the list is because I can't see myself buying hair products that cost more than $1 per ounce (I know, my make up purchases do not reflect this mentality. This is because I know I'll have the make up around for a good while as opposed to a few weeks). In the end, cost exceeds benefits. I do however wish to see how this works for myself, just once though!

The last two products are from the upcoming MAC Bloggers Collection which will be released on June 21st. Online Exclusive for US/Canada customers.

4) "Jealousy Wakes" eyeshadow from the MAC Bloggers Collection

As some of you would know, MAC got a bunch of bloggers up to Toronto, Canada to create a product for their new collection. At first look, a lot of stuff could be passed on but the shadow that stood out for me in this collect was Temptalia's shadow which she described as a "Seething emerald green with teal and gold pearl (Veluxe Pearl)" and by the description of it, I love it already because emerald is one of my favorite colors ever! I may buy this if this shadow is pigmented and doesn't need a lot of work to apply.

5)" All My Purple Life" lipglass from the MAC Bloggers Collection

Another product that really caught my eye from the MAC Bloggers Collection is the purple lipglass that Patrice from Afrobella created. Purple is my all time favorite color as it is the color of a lot of things in my room, closet and products that I have and so this deep purple really called to me. I hope that this lipglass isn't too sheer because then, it looks like it could be a very pretty lip color.

So thats enough of my wishlist. What has really drawn to you recently?

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