Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Humidifiers: A (sometimes) necessary product with great benefit

Humidifiers are ever present for those who have allergies or suffer from constant nosebleeds.  Many people that use humidifiers know that they are noisy, clunky, grey and just...not visually appealing lol!
Cute humidifiers! ITS ABOUT TIME!

An example of a classic humidifier

Although humidifiers are noisy, clunky and just ugly to look at, they can help with more than alleviating sinuses. Behind the jump are some ways they can help the hair, skin and general housekeeping.

1) Dry skin issues
For people with dry skin, a humidifier pumps moisture into the air in your home which can help alleviate itching and flaking skin. The Mayo Clinic explains other remedies for dry skin here.

2) Curly hair quencher
People with curly often fight battles with dryness and often search for ways to moisturize their hair. While daily moisturizing is still a must, a humidifier can serve to fight dryness so that you can have healthy hair.

3) Limit dusting
As a humidifier adds moisture in the air, they can also limit the amount of dust that is formed in a room. So if you don't like to dust very often, a humidifier can help you out

So those are only some of the reasons that I can come up with for using a humidifier and of course, if you find other benefits, do comment on your findings! If you want to purchase one, they vary greatly in price, but do shop around until you find one that you like OR if you can't afford one at the moment, fill a bucket to about halfway before you go to bed and put it in a corner of your room (so you don't stumble over it in the middle of the night) and that can be used to add moisture in the home.

Best, until next time!

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