Saturday, May 21, 2011

A products post

This was supposed to go up last night, but since it was my friend's birthday dinner and then her and my car bizarrely died last night, I couldn't get this out to you in time D: Sorry about that!

So in a previous post, I showed off my hair and gave a few thoughts about what I think of it. I didn't go into extensive detail because it would have turned into a LONG rant. So long, you guys would have just looked at it and just say TL;DR (too long didn't read) so I didn't go into too much detail. So for this post that I promised for a friend, I will show products that I use to transform my hair (with lots of pictures!)

From this
To this

My detangler that I make. It's 1 part conditioner to four parts water. Used to get rid of knots

Clarifying shampoo. I only use this once a month when my hair feels super greasy and follow with my next shampoo

My moisturizing shampoo. May or may not be changed up soon

Yes, this is Apple Cider Vinegar. If you dilute it with water,  it can help de-frizz your hair. NOTE:  don't use if you are relaxed or color treated, adverse effects can happen!

My conditioner which I will change up soon.
My leave in conditioner

Raw shea butter which I bought at the African grocery store down the street.

So my regimen is just to detangle, wash, apple cider vinegar rinse, deep condition, use the leave-in conditioner and the shea butter when I do my twists. I feel that it's simple, yet when I have to describe it to someone, it's doesn't seem very easy lol!

So my question for you-Do you believe in complex hair regimens? Why or why not?

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