Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WANTED: A perfect ends sealant

So now that school is ended, I have a goal to solve one of my greatest mysteries: Why does my hair get that crunchy feeling even though I have moisturized it with water.

Then I realized that I was forgetting an important component of moisturizing-sealing the moisture. The new question was now is what to seal with.

So here's a breakdown of products that are potential candidates.

Castor oil

Pro: Thick in consistency, very little smell
Con: Can weigh the hair down, build up concerns

Shea butter+jojoba (you put a bit of shea butter and mix it with jojoba in the palm of your hand)

Pro: Thick in consistency
Con: Shea butter smells when you use it, you will have build-up

Olive Oil
Not the exact bottle we have...we get the big bottle from costco

Pro: Lighter than castor oil and shea butter+jojoba
Con: I don't think my mother would appreciate it if I started using her favorite cooking oil in my hair...

In all, the search goes on. I wish I had more ideas for hair sealant and I'm figuring out how to test each properly to tell which sealant will work best for me. Until then...

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