Friday, May 27, 2011

Make-up: Products that I LOVE!

So I have quite a bit of make-up. I wouldn't say I have a whole department store in my traincase, but I have enough that I have quite a few options. Within those options, there are products that I can always rely on-shadows that can go from night-to-day, brushed I can use to apply any kind of eye product, foundation that looks flawless etc, etc.

So here are my five favorite products that I would use all the time if I had no option (at the moment)

1) MAC Twinks Eyeshadow ($11 for pan eyeshadow, $14 for potted eyeshadow, MAC cosmetics)

The reason why I like this eyeshadow so much is that it gives the right balance of color and shimmer. This shadow can be used in creating an everyday look with a matte shadow and you could use the same colors in your day look to create an evening look. Versatility-that's why this shadow is my holy grail shadow.

2)Urban Decay Primer Potion ($19, Sephora)

The eyeshadow primer potion is now available in a tube (OMG YAY!) and with the primer potion in the original formula, it dries in a somewhat invisible finish and helps my eyeshadow to stay on forever (I've seen the difference with and without primer...let's just say a primer is definitely necessary)

3) Make Up Forever HD Liquid Foundation ($40, Sephora)

This foundation leaves my skin flawless. You can use your fingers to apply or a brush like I regularly do to even out you skin tone.I also really like this foundation because I'm not a fan of foundations with shimmer that make you look "dewey"-that tends to backfire by making my face look oily.

4) MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush ($24.50, MAC cosmetics)

This is the first brush that I always go for when I'm doing any sort of look. It's a firm brush, packs on color onto the eyes very well and still looks the same way it did when I bought it six years ago (with proper care). What more could a make-up lover ask for from a make-up brush?

5) Chapstick (about $ for a 3-pack, available at any retail store near you)
Chapstick is ol' reliable. I've tried different brands of lip balm and they've made my lips feel cracked and dry to the point where there is a black like across my bottom lip. After using chapstick, my lips aren't dry anymore.

So these are my five products that I love and reach for often. These exact products aren't necessary (as there are dupes of everything out there in various price ranges) but they're the things that I love using. I don't think I will use these forever because tastes change.

Do you have any go-to holy grail products?

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