Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Closet Overhaul '11

As you know, I'm 20,  but my closet still had the look of High School which I have been done with since 2008 (time really does fly!)

You may ask what does a High School closet still have? Well, mine had quite a bit of Happy Bunny, Invader Zim, those t-shirts that were trying to be "witty"...so pretty much anything that could be bought at Hot Topic!

So this year, I put it upon myself to throw all the juvenile and raggedy looking stuff and replace them with items that I could either dress up or make up a casual look.

All of these items I purchased for $29.99 or less. Come take a look!

So this is my start and over time, I will keep updates on how the progress is going!

My question for you is this: Are you doing a closet renovation as drastic as this? What are your favorite pieces and what advice would you have for someone who is looking to update their closet?

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