Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jealousy Wakes: The jealousy is definitely awake in this one and this is why I usually don't do LE hauls!

The other post wasn't to my liking, so I redid it. Sorry about that!

As a lot of you may know, MAC is doing a collection called Blogger's Obsession. As I've said in a previous post, I really wanted the eye shadow Jealousy Wakes because I have never seen an emerald shadow and emerald is one of my favorite colors in the world (Others include plum purple and sapphire. I love deep, dark cool colors). I also never ever EVER go into a frenzy about their limited edition collections because that is too much stalking, watching, staying at the computer and frankly, I'm not one who likes to sit still and just watch what happens. My rule was if it's not available permanently, I didn't need it. As you may have cleverly guessed by my creative horrible pun of a title, I made an exception for Jealousy Wakes.

I expect to wait until midnight for it to launch. It doesn't launch at midnight, instead the collection drops onto the MAC website a little bit after 10 AM EST. Thankfully, I was near a computer so I just ordered and kept going with my life. I thought it would end there, but thanks to my impatience, it was not the end.

So I do what I sometimes do when a new collection drops-I go onto Specktra to see other's experience with online shopping. Stuff like "OMG the product shows up and seconds later, they're not there anymore", "It just says coming soon on the site" makes me worry a bit because I was just hoping that my order didn't get cancelled. Or backordered. Actually an order being cancelled is worse than backorder. Is this frenzy common from new collections? I mean, I remember Marine Life, Stereo Rose and...OH NO I'M DIGRESSING!

Later on that evening, I see lots of people posting in delight that their confirmation order has shipped. After this development, I scurry to check my e-mail. Then to twitter where more people are being gleeful that they got the oh-so-precious email. Back to my e-mail once again and of course, nothing.

So now I'm sit here. Waiting and refreshing. 

Awww man...I just remembered that I didn't use a free shipping code... >_< welp!

EDIT: It will be here by Friday and  hope to do a look with it for a special post on Saturday! :-D

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