Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Food post: Breakfast parfait

In the mornings when I'm at home or if I have enough time to make this during the week, I like to make a breakfast parfait so that I can get a bit of calcium and fiber in the morning. Here's how I do it:
In the bowl that I am going to eat from I put in

A few strawberries (washed and cut into halves)

Some blackberries

Then put them together and top it with yogurt. You can use any kind of yougurt, I like using Greek yogurt for Fage because it doesn't have a lot of sugar (I've lost my sweet tooth, one of the bad things about growing up :-/)Then to really pack in the fiber, sprinkle some granola on top and you have this


So this is just one way to make a healthy breakfast in just under 10 minutes. In this, you get your calcium in, quite a bit of fiber, some iron and other vitamins and minerals that your body needs. I hope this is a start to eating a good breakfast like a lot of us forget to do sometimes.

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