Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jealousy Wakes: Thoughts and a few looks

So after the wait, anticipation, and stalking the UPS guy, I got it Friday afternoon :-D

My first impressions of this shadow was "OMG is there some teal in this?" From the light I was looking at, it definitely looked like it was more teal than green. I then put it with some shadows just to see what I could do with it. Now as for the application, it wasn't as smooth as I had hoped (perhaps I had too much color on by brush) and perhaps because I was a bit sloppy with my application, there was quite a bit of fallout.

Overall, I like this color, but maybe I should have gotten this along with Hocus Pocus. I'm hoping they restock so that I can buy that one. I also wouldn't be surprised to see this getting swapped on Make Up Alley quite a bit because it is pulling teal/blue for a lot of people across the skin tones.

Below the jump are shots of the shadow and me just playing around with colors.

In the pan

I tried it with Twinks...the application could have been better, I admit

My cousin insisted I tried it with Humid (she's 9) so here it is!
Also, idk why I didn't think to just blend it out with a skin tone shadow...or with MAC Black Tied as a matter of fact *heads to bathroom to try it all over again* 

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