Monday, June 6, 2011

To the drawing board

As Erin from Scandalous Beauty would say, women of color should try bold colors. So I took it upon myself to try it this weekend. Here's a few shots that I took of said colors

I quite liked the look of brown and green together because I like how earth tones look together. This look was all practice as you can see because I didn't finish the whole eye off with liner, mascara and all that.

So after this, I washed off the brushes and tried my everyday look along with my foundation. I was quite proud of how I did and it looked flawless. Half picture underneath the cut

Son this is my "smokey" look and I used my foundation from Make Up Forever. I like it when I use it properly because it gives my face a flawless finish.
Foundation: Make Up Forever HD Foundation in #180
So that's my work. Constructive criticism is welcome because I know I can do of these days.

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