Monday, June 13, 2011

The search for a sealant: UPDATE


So remember this post when I talked about which sealant I should use? Well, I performed the experiment and I feel like each have their benefits and drawbacks and I think I will definitely use both. What do I mean? That's all below the cut.

Also, I would like suggestions and opinions about sealants. Has a sealant changed the overall appearance of your hair or is it unnecessary? Let me know!
YAY you made it below the cut!

The set up of the experiment: I used one sealant for two weeks, and then when it came to wash day, I clarified, shampooed and the works and then used the other sealant for two weeks. First, I did the shea butter and then I used the olive oil.

So the shea butter: In order to use this effectually, I realized that this would be way to waxy, so before I applied the shea butter in my hair, I mixed in jojoba oil with it. So I would moisturize my water, and then I  applied the shea/jojoba into my hair in sections. I also want to note that I paid special attention to the ends because my ends tend to become very dry and snap off. 
Verdict: Great sealant, but reserve for the winter and for stretching hair after watching.

The olive oil: So the olive oil mixture was really easy to use, as per the directions for hydrating spray stated, I would fill a bottle up with water and put three teaspoons of the olive oil in, shake and spray. I used this all over because it didn't really require manipulation for this to be effective.
Verdict: New holy grail moisturizer? Hopefully. Only time will tell

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