Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A tale of a reforming make-up snob

Hi, my name is Jessica and I am a reforming make-up snob.

My make-up snobbery started when I was very young. My mother used to work at a pharmacy and as I looked around in the beauty aisles, I was often told that the products in the drugstore aisles were often of poor quality. I had no idea whether or not this was true, but since this was the opinion of many beauty purchasers in mid-to-late 90's, it would impact my purchases for years to come.

So when I got back into make-up at 14, my first department store exposure to make-up was MAC. I fell in love with their shadows initially-the broad range of colors, the fact that you could blend colors together to make a statement all drew me in to the world of beauty. Then the lipglasses, lipsticks and lipgelees- different colors, and different finishes like sheer, matte, opaque, translucent-I had so many options and it was so amazing to me! At the end of that day, I walked out of the store with Coppering and a tube of Moistly lipgelee, two pieces that started my beauty love affair. Shortly thereafter, I discovered Sephora and it was just OVER from there!

A small representation of my make-up purchases. Missing: several large black boxes...and black bags...and Macy's bags 
 As I become more involved in beauty, I started hearing that drugstore brands are finally making better quality products. A part of me is really excited about this because I can finally get beauty for less. On the other hand, the apprehension of past stigmas still hold me back plus, the fact that you can't swatch products like you can at Sephora. My first drugstore beauty purchase was a Revlon lipgloss. I liked it, but I was still drawn to my lipglasses and lipgelees. Small steps right?

So are you a reforming or a reformed make-up snob? What's your story?

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