Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Shopping for Jeans without feeling defeated #3

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So, we've already covered color and length and the reason why I listed these first was because you can eliminate a pair of jeans that you don't want immediately. Now the next three tips are going to take a bit of trial and error-as you try on a few pairs at first, you begin to notice a pattern of what works and what doesn't work. Once this pattern is established, shopping becomes easier and you may be able to find your most loved pair on your first try-and who wouldn't want that, am I right!?

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#3: Know your cut
I feel like this matters more for women with a waist-to-hip ratio; for those who find shopping extremely difficult and have had problems with jean shopping since puberty. For those with a small waist, there is an epidemic where jeans fit well in the waist, yet they gape in the back. This can either be fixed by 1)tailoring 2)belts or 3)

Some have found solance in brands that have made "curvy cut" jeans, and others have not (fit depends on the brand because there is no universal measurement for women's jeans). What I have found in my observations is that if a pair of jeans is long in the back and lower in the front, the more likely it will fit small-waisted women.

I know what I said doesn't make sense, so I'll show in this photo. Can you see how the front of the jean is lower than the back (it almost looks like a smiley face lol!)? For me, jeans that are constructed higer in the back fit well without tailoring or a belt. These are a pair of Levi curve ID jeans (bold curve) that I found at Macy's for $39.99 (if you want a pair, please look around before going to the Levi Store because the store sells the same jeans for twice the price!)

As I said before, it's going to take some trial and error before you know exactly what cut fits (it took me 10 years to find what works...10 YEARS!) but remember to look for a pattern in the cut and stick to it. If you follow this, you may find your new favorite pair of jeans on the first try! :)

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