Friday, September 9, 2011

September 2011 wish list

I missed several months of wish listing...I miss this series because it sort of encourages me to go shopping and this time, I want to challenge myself to find unique items that wouldn't be found commercially. This month, I made a challenge to find unique odds and ends from Etsy and I didn't just pluck them off the first page of results, I did some proper digging for these items!

1) This bracelet
This is available on etsy at this shop run by CorsoStudio. Perfect for True Blood fans!

2) Duct tape wallet
Have you ever seen a wallet this cool and it was made out of duct tape? No? Me neither! If you're interested, you can find this and many more designs at this shop run by KittysCraft0402.

3) Shoes remixed

Take a regular old pair of shoes and remix them. I thought these were pretty cool although they're not in my size. Shoes with edge are always pretty cool. I found these at GlamorousHeelsToEnvy's store.

4) State Jewelry

One thing that has been on trend recently is "represent your state" jewelry. There are so many cool and unique ways to show off where you live and I just thought this necklace of Maryland was pretty cool. This picture is from IntegrativeCreations' store.

5) Cool Medical ID bracelets
As someone who has asthma and food allergies, I love this bracelet because it doesn't look like your mother's or even your grandmother's medical ID bracelet. It serves its purpose by alerting someone of an allergy while looking good-can your medical bracelet do that?

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