Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stop it, you're BLUSHing: Part II

The reason why i was not in a hurry to upload part II...I need more practice!

Remember how I told you that my new blush obsession would come in two parts? Well, I've actually been working on this one for a while-it's just that every time I work on it, I apply the blush in a way that I look like a clown, then I get frustrated with trying to perfect the color, then i end up washing the brush in frustration. I don't know why I'm frustrated at the brush when it's me applying the color!

Part II is my other new favorite blush, NARS Taj Mahal. Like the last blush I bought recently, I bought it off a friend, but you can buy it off of NARS official website because Sephora never carries this blush (sidenote for the easily offended-the names of some blushes are sexual in nature, tread lightly) . It is described as "burnt orange with golden shimmer" and I feel like this is a blush perfect for summer (ironic because I'm writing this on Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer in the US). I've seen that this blush is a popular choice among darker women like myself and I see why, when applied correctly, it blends with the skin perfectly. Read more to see up close pictures of said blush and a shot with this blush applied correctly.

Blush without flash
Blush with flash

Overall, I think this is my favorite blush. It blends in with the undertones of my skin very well and brings a youthful pop to the face. As long as you don't put a ton of color onto your brush like I tend to do, this blush would look flawless on darker women of color!

See, I did it correctly...I think!

Aha! Better lighting!

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