Monday, September 12, 2011

Eyes of Friday Night

So on Friday, I didn't go out because 1) I had forgotten my phone at home therefore I had to go back home and 2) I have too many papers and readings to catch up on. The way that I like to take my mind off school is by practicing how to put on eyeshadow. Weird? Perhaps it is a bit weird, but I've gotten better at my technique!

I have a question for make-up lovers out there: What lip color would you pair this with?

So here's what I came up with. Products are behind the cut.

Products used:
From top to bottom:
MAC 266 (I used it for my brows)
MAC 239 (Used on the lid)
MAC 224 (Used in the crease)
MAC 217 (Used to highlight)

Two Faced Shadow Insurance (eyeshadow primer)

Stila Stay All-Day Liquid Eyeliner
MAC Graphblack Eyeliner

MAC Arena eyeshadow (browbone highlight)
Black Tuplid (lid) and Jungle Moon (crease) [the bottom two shadows found in the Spring Forecast Colour 3  pallet]
MAC Espresso (not pictured, used as a brow filler)

FINISH! (Yikes, my edges!)

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