Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A youth-friendly #naturalhair meet-up in DC? Let's make it happen!

So I was surfing around on Twitter (this is my twitter page) and I was looking around on the #naturalhair hashtag looking around for random tips when I saw this tweet from Alexandra (her twitter) from The Good Hair Blog discussing a natural hair:
"Would any  ladies be willing to host a panel for young black girls interested in transitiong to natural?"
I saw this and definitely wanted to get involved because this area has such a vibrant natural hair scene and I think it would be cool for a huge meet-up to get together for support, stories and lunch. Imagine-a bunch of big-haired ladies down at a chill spot like Busboys and Poets or something chatting about re-defining the standard of beauty in America...DOPE!

I just wanted to get the idea out there and see if anyone was interested and to ask if anyone ever attended a meetup like this. What was your experience like and did you like it? I want to know more :-D

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  1. Definitely thought that was a GREAT idea! I also reached out to Alex about it and its good to see that there were others as well!