Thursday, November 3, 2011

Well, this just changed the #naturalhair game for ME

Eight years ago as the Great Hair Disaster of 2003 (I will detail this great battle in which many hair strands were lost in another post) was at it's peak, I did a lot of research. Questions that I remember googling:

  • How long will it take for my hair to grow back?
  • How can I make my hair grow back fast?
  • Why did my hair break off?
  • What relaxer should I use for my hair not to break off?
I bet you're looking at these questions and laughing-I am too, I was 13 at the time! When I finally got the facts straight, I learned that hair grease was bad for the hair, and in my mind, this changed EVERYTHING! No more itchy scalp, no more random snowstorms on my shoulders, no more dry, crispy hair. All of this is how "grease" felt after my last relaxer and now that I was going natural and learned that grease is bad, this absolutely changed the game for me!

Through those eight years, I've been tweaking and trying different things to get growth. I started to feel that my products worked for me...maybe a few months ago and I felt relieved that after all these years, I finally found a hair routine/regimen that worked for me.

Now, lets fast forward to about....2 weeks ago. I know many of you saw Nikki's post from NYC about how she uses Dax pomade to get her signature braidouts. I looked at these pictures and I thought for a bit-what if hair grease could help with my ends. I went into my pantry cave of products and found a jar of grease alllll the way in the back and looked at how much was left and felt relieved that there was some product in the jar. After I wash, conditioner and put leave in conditioner into my hair and then put the infamous grease on my strands (not my scalp! That would have been bad!). I did that all on Saturday night, I write this post on a Wednesday afternoon and I only had to moisturize (ick moist sounds like such a dirty, creepy word D: ) this morning.

So I write this to show that 1) regimes are forever changing, 2) Don't discount ANY product, you never know how it's going to work until you try it and 3) the natural hair is forever changing, make up the rules for the game!

So is there any discovery that you made that you felt changed the natural hair journey? 

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