Sunday, July 17, 2011

Elevation Burger vs. Five Guys


So here's the deal, Elevation Burger is the new burger place near my house which is located one block away from Five Guys. Many of you may know Five Guys for that one burger place As someone who can never say no to a good hamburger, I wanted to see which burger joint is supreme. A breakdown and some foodie-like talk after the jump.

EDIT: I thought I finished the post already and published it a bit earlier than I wanted to. Oops! O_o
So as a frequent visitor of Five Guys, I always appreciated a good bacon burger with ketchup, mayo, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes and A1 sauce. Free toppings, great! The one thing downside of Five Guys for me was the peanuts. As someone who is very allergic to peanuts, I could never eat their monster sized fries (they're fried in peanut oil and I've had a bad reaction to peanut oil at Chik-Fil-A food so I play it safe) and I have to make sure that I don't touch any type of surface if I go in.

So I walk into Elevation and I'm greeted by a pretty friendly staff. Okay one positive. At Elevation Burger, they have you fill out a sheet to place your order so you can have your burger EXACTLY as you want it. A few things I noticed right away:
  1. Their beef is organic, grass-fed, antibiotic free. COOL!
  2. Veggie burgers. Not a fan, but I also thought this was interesting,
  3. The option to have rare burger. Something not offered at Five Guys and as a fan of slightly red meat, this was a plus.
  4. I had to pay $1 more for bacon on my burger. BOO!
  5. Their hamburgers were built neatly instead of the slightly haphazard fashion that I usually get at Five Guys.
  6. Their fries were fried in olive oil. Better for the average man AND I can eat it without fearing for my health. HUZZAH!
In the end, I think I have converted to Elevation only because of the absence of peanuts there. Both places have their pluses and minuses. Five Guys gives you A TON OF FRIES and their basic burger is less than $4 plus they give you more free condiments. Elevation Burger gives you a great burger with organic meat. Overall, you'll have a pretty good burger so the winner belongs to a great hamburger! :-D


  1. I agree - I'm now an Elevation convert!

  2. elevation has elevated my taste buds ....