Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Slytherin and Ravenclaw inspired makeup

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I know this is almost a week late for Harry Potter , but I had some fun creating different eyeshadow looks based off some of the Houses from Hogwarts. Now, seeing as I didn't have any sort of red or yellow in my case, I couldn't do Gryffindor or Hufflepuff so I just made the best out of it and did Slytherin and Ravenclaw (book colors of course!).

Grey, Silver and Black for Slytherin

Ravenclaw turned out to be a bit of an accident-I had reached for my black instead of getting my bronze so what I TRIED to do was to put the bronze on my lower lash line. It looked good in person, but the bronze didn't photograph very well :-/

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  1. Hi there Jessy!
    I love how big the pictures are but I know from experience what a bitch it is to get the stupid cameras to focus properly. Sad life of us makeup freaks hehe. I would suggest doing one makeup look at a time, instead of an eye each color just so your eyes pop out more that d it just looks more polished that way :) Other than that everything looks good to me, I love the bronze with the blue :)